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Discover the most exclusive cork fashion accessories at In our web store you will find various sustainable cork fashion accessories that are suitable for every occasion. Wearing cork accessories is also a way to contribute to a sustainable world. Cork is 100% natural, sustainable, ecologically responsible, animal-friendly (vegan), environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Benefits of cork

The two main advantages of using cork. Firstly, the sustainability of the production process. Cork oaks produce oxygen and absorb CO2, thereby reducing the annual emissions of CO2 worldwide. By removing the bark of an oak and using it for cork products, a oak can absorb 3-5 times more CO2 than an oak that is not corked. This means that harvesting cork is in favor of the environment. Secondly, it is easy to reuse cork materials without producing toxic waste.


Cork is an extremely maintenance-friendly material. The cork material is not subjected to aging due to the presence of suberin. This substance has hydrophobic properties, which means that it does not absorb water. This makes your shoulder bag resistant to rain and humidity. Perfect for rainy countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and England.

Exclusive cork crossbody bags

Your webshop for exclusive cork crossbody bags. To keep the range as wide as possible, we also have crossbody bags made of synthetic cork.The delivery cost is €3,95, free shipping from €30,00. Click on the '+' below the product to see more colors.