Leather backpack _33

Ref. EL5212_33

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Product details 

Dimension HxWxD    32 x 33 x 15 cm
Material Leather
EAN code 5002784
Brand Elenco


Bag care 

Take good care of your Elenco bag. Avoid: prolonged contact with oily products, solvents or alcohol (such as perfume for example); putting dark-hued Elenco bag in prolonged contact with light coloured materials, especially in a moist environment; rubbing light-coloured Elenco bags against other materials whose colours could transfer (for example jeans). Protect it from heavy rain and avoid contact with abrasive surfaces that could damage the leather. We also recommend storing your Elenco bag in the cloth dust bag we offer with each purchase, away from strong light, moisture and heat.